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Madison Mounts Derrick

Madison and Derrick have never fucked for a camera before, so when they were approached by an internet site that films amateur porn films, they were nervous, but decided to do it anyway. Madison was even more nervous as she took off her lingerie top for Derrick and for the camera. Her little nipples were hard with expectation as Derrick licked them and then pulled down her panties to take a slurp at her cunt.

Madison started to get horny with Derrick lapping at her clit, so she pushed him to his back and took his rock hard cock into her mouth. She slid her lips over the head of his cock and all the way down the shaft, taking his entire prick into her mouth and deep into her throat. She slid her mouth up and down his cock all the way to the base several times before Derrick moaned that he had to feel her pussy.

Derrick laid Madison on the bed and opened her legs. With her thighs parted, he could easily admire her pink pussy folds and her wet slit. He grabbed his prick and slipped it into Madison’s soaked cunt, going as deep as he could into her. He pulled out and then pushed into her pussy again, this time deep, slapping his balls against Madison’s firm ass.

Soon, Derrick was fucking Madison harder than she had ever been fucked, and Madison groaned that she was coming. Derrick pounded her harder and harder, finally getting her to climax and release her creamy pussy juices all over his cock and balls. He fucked Madison’s throbbing cunt for a few more minutes before he was ready to jizz; he pulled his prick from her snatch and jerked his load all over Madison’s beautiful young face.


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